Disney World’s Cinderella Castle Makeover

February 17, 2020

A makeover is in store for Disney World’s Cinderella Castle! With Disney announcing today that the Magic Kingdom Park icon will receive a royal makeover. Disney propose to make the Castle ‘even more magical’ with works commencing in the coming weeks and continuing through the summer. Certainly, artists’s impressions of the newly transformed Castle are very striking.

The ‘New’ Cinderella Castle

In keeping with Walt Disney World’s 50th (Golden) Anniversary next year, the gold detailing on the revamped Castle is particularly vibrant. The upper tiers have a warm pink hue, whilst the blue of the turrets appears bolder with geometric detailing. The new Disney World’s Cinderella Castle is shown in Disney’s concept art, below left.

In the meantime

Whilst exciting, this news may ring alarm bells to guests who’ve booked a visit to Walt Disney World during the coming months. However, Disney has confirmed that, during the works, we’ll still be able to enjoy Magic Kingdom’s dazzling shows. ‘Happily Ever After’ together with ‘Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire’ will continue through the transformation.

We don’t yet know how the works will be carried out in practice, or what the Castle will look like during this time. However, having visited Walt Disney World since 1991, we’ve seen considerable change over the years. On our first visit, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park didn’t exist! In our experience, Disney are brilliant at ensuring that business continues as usual throughout any changes being made.

One of the things that we love about Disney is that they never rest on their laurels. There is constant investment in the Parks, and strive for betterment. We’re excited to see how the changes take place over the coming months. and we’re sure the transformed Castle will be a glittering masterpiece fit for the Golden Anniversary.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the works commence!

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