Disney World Beginner's Guide

WDW Beginner's Guide

Disney World Beginner’s Guide

Heading to Walt Disney World for the first time? Our Disney World Beginner’s Guide is here to help you! We’d absolutely recommend looking at our booking and planning sections in more detail. However, this handy guide compiles all the basics to get you ready for your trip.

The Basics

Frequent visitors to WDW take some things for granted; Disney terminology and phrases in particular. From ADR’s, to Utilidoors, our Disney World Terminology has got you covered!

Next, take a look at our Disney World Planning Timeline for an overview of what to do, and (ideally) when.

Before You Book

Before booking a holiday to Walt Disney World, it’s a good idea to get clued up on the Resorts, Parks and anything else that’s ‘On Property’.

For starters, take a look at What are the WDW Parks: The Lowdown! Followed by WDW Resort Categories: What Do They Mean?


When you’re ready to book your holiday, check out our Booking a Disney World Holiday: Top Tips.


Planning a holiday itinerary might seem completely bonkers, but we’d highly recommend it. 180 days before your arrival date you’ll be able to book Dining Reservations for the first 10 days of your stay. Then 30-60 days before (depending on whether you’re staying in a Disney Resort or not) you can make your FastPass selections.

Firstly, take a look at Are ADR’s Really Necessary?

Then move on to, What are Disney Fastpasses?

Some Final Advice

We’ve been to Walt Disney World a lot. For some of our family holidays we stayed for three whole weeks. Yet, the one thing we’ve learnt is that you can never do everything. There really is so much to see and do in Walt Disney World that you’re unlikely to get it all covered. So don’t feel disappointed! Remember; whilst you want to pack as much in as possible, that needs to be balanced with the fact that it’s a holiday for you too.

When planning your itinerary give yourselves the odd afternoon of relaxing by the pool. Have a free day where you can be spontaneous! Take time to potter, spot hidden Mickey’s and enjoy the ambiance. But most of all, make those memories to treasure!

Free Guides

We recognise that sometimes it’s handy to have all the information you need in once place. That’s why we’re busy creating printable copies of our Disney World Planning Timeline and 2020 Disney World Beginner’s Guide. Check back soon to download these for FREE!