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We didn’t go to Disney World: remembering 2020

June 7, 2020

The year we didn’t go to Disney World? Is that how we’ll remember 2020? I hope not. I hope we remember so many other things instead.

This month we should be excitedly packing our bags, laying out the Disney outfits I carefully chose, and surprising our children with their dream Disney holiday. We should be battling through a nine hour flight with our one year old, then forgetting all those hours as we step off the plane into the Florida sun.

I should be watching with tears in my eyes as my two young children stare in awe at Cinderella Castle. Subtly wiping my eye as they shriek in excitement when meeting Mickey Mouse. And full out sobbing with joy as Happily Ever After lights up the night sky. But this was not to be. Not this year. 

With everything else going on in the world this feels like a lucky problem to have. And it is, I understand that. But it doesn’t make it any less disappointing. Not after all the saving, all the dreaming, all the planning.

Walt Disney World balloons

What will we remember 2020 for instead?

However, a realisation struck me this morning; I don’t want 2020 to be remembered as ‘the year we didn’t go to Disney World’. Because this year is offering us many other things instead. 

2020 will be remembered as the year we slept under the stars in our garden. The summer of BBQ’s and paddling pools and ice lollies on the grass. Of walks and rainbow hunts and teddy bears picnics.

The year of FaceTime toy hunts and emotional goodbyes. Of longing and juggling and muddling through. A time when suddenly, we all understood one another that little bit more.

I hope our children look back and remember the day that Mum went a bit bonkers and tried to create the Magic Kingdom at home. The year of virtual rides and parades. Of exclusive viewings of Happily Ever After, from our sofa. Clutching Glowtini’s and hot dogs and scoffing (a little too much) fudge. Fancy dress in the playroom and twirling with glitter. Dancing and laughter and simple pleasures.

Finding our own Magic

2020 will be the year that we found our own magic, and realised it was there all along. It will be the time that we stopped, looked, and re-evaluated our lives. Above all, it will be the time that means we’ll never take our loved ones for granted again.

Have you been making your own magic this year? We’d love to hear your stories!

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