Making rainbows for windows

Rainbows in Windows: Keeping Faith

March 24, 2020

Rainbows in Windows have been popping up around our local area. These symbols of hope, drawn by children, are a lovely reminder that all things must pass. These also give children something bright and cheery to look for if venturing out for your one walk of the day.

However, it seems that this is not something unique to our neighborhood. A quick Google for “Rainbows in Windows” shows that rainbows have been appearing all over the UK. This phenomenon is bringing families together, and filling communities with positivity. Here at My Disney Holiday we’re love raising a smile, so we were happy to join in this rainbow revolution.


We chose tissue paper and felt tip pens to make our rainbows. We drew a ‘guide rainbow in pen, then filled in the spaces with tissue paper. Sticking the tissue paper was strangely therapeutic; perhaps even an exercise in mindfulness. If nothing else, it helped to focus us on a simple activity, for a short time removing the inevitable worries of these uncertain times.

Since sticking the rainbows in our window, I’ve begin to spot glances from people walking past. I’ve noticed smiles from strangers, and I have felt like we have, in some small way, spread joy. It has made me feel part of our community, even though we are now very much confined to our home.

Spread a little joy

We have always loved the magic that Disney offers, and the way it can fill your heart with hope. It seems to me that this activity is a way of spreading a tiny sprinkle of pixie dust. So if you’re looking to spread a little happiness, this is a very simple way to start.

As Cinderella said, “Have faith in your dreams, and someday, your rainbow will come smiling through”. In the meantime, why not try our Disney inspired activities?

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