Princess Block Quiz: Guess the Princess!

June 20, 2020

Try our Princess Block Quiz to see how many Princesses you can spot! Can you guess the Disney Princess by looking at the coloured blocks? If you’re a fan of our popular block quiz then we’re sure you’ll love this Princess version. The perfect way test your Disney Princess knowledge, this quiz puts your observation skills to the test.

Princess Block Quiz

As a result of the lockdown, and because we love Disney, many of us are turning to Disney+ as a way to pass the time and escape from reality. Some of our favourite Disney movies are those involving Disney’s courageous and kind Princesses. Now you can put your Disney viewing to the test with our specially created brainteaser!

The aim is to correctly identify a series of Disney Princesses from the coloured blocks in the images below. Firstly, download our quiz in which you’ll only have blocks of colour as your guide! The clue is in the name though; only Princesses are included in this special edition of our quiz!

Below you’ll find links to download and print the quiz, together with answer sheet. Don’t spoil the fun by peeking though!

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Use the links below to download the Princess Block Quiz, together with answer sheet.

Tell us your score!

We’d love to hear how you get on! Join the conversation on our Facebook page and tag us with your scores there, and on Instagram, using @mydisneyholiday. Who will you crown as the ultimate Princess in your family?

If you enjoyed this quiz then why not put your knowledge to the ultimate test with our Disney Block Quiz – try either our Fan version which groups characters together and adds some sizing differences to help get you started. Or, if you’re feeling brave, head straight to the trickier Superfan version. And for more Disney inspired activities, pop over to our Activities page here.

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