Princess bingo free printables

Princess Bingo and Snap! Including free printables

June 14, 2020

Princess bingo and snap! Free printables are below for these two games in one. Great for all little (and big!) royals to enjoy.

When thinking of Disney Princesses, we think of tiaras and glass slippers and a sprinkling of magic. So, for our Princess Bingo game we created a unique set of twelve images comprising all these items and more! You can download our free printables below. We hope you enjoy!

Two games in one

Use the printables for two games: bingo or snap! Firstly, for bingo, simply use the links below to download the bingo pieces and boards. Next, cut out the pieces, fold them and place in a bowl to be selected at random by the ‘caller’. Give each player one of the four bingo boards and wait for the calls of ‘line!’ and ‘BINGO!’ to commence. Our children loved ticking items off their board as they were announced.

Finally, for snap, simply print two copies of the bingo pieces and cut them out. Then, lay the pieces out randomly, face down, and take turns flipping two pieces over to see if they are a match. This game is great for memory recollection too!

We all loved the colours of the images. Can you guess which Disney Prince or Princess inspired each item?

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Free printables

Princess bingo and princess snap free printables

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