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Homemade Disney: how we made the Magic Kingdom

June 2, 2020

Homemade Disney, My Disney Holiday style! Recently we made Disney’s Magic Kingdom at home. We were going to keep this footage for ourselves, but loved it so much we wanted to share. We hope you enjoy!

Homemade Disney

This week we should have been at Disney for the second week of a special holiday. The holiday in which our children first experienced the magic of Disney World. I, for one, spent hours planning the itinerary, making ADR’s, booking reservations at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and dreaming of the memories we’d make. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

However, ‘Homemade Disney‘ has been trending a lot lately. And that got me thinking. What if we made our own Disney Holiday, on the day that we should be arriving there? So we did.

It gave me something else to organise. I baked. A LOT. And we made memories. Not the memories we expected to be making, but new, special ones nonetheless. So here’s our Homemade Disney. Maybe now is the time to make your own magic too?

We’d love to hear how you’ve been creating your own magic during this tricky time. And if you like our Disney Day please give us a like and a share!

Our Disney Day

How we did it

Our ‘Disney Day’ was pretty simple:

  • Tickets and Attraction Guide: we made tickets and an Attraction Guide setting out our ‘itinerary’ for the day – you can download both for free below. Also check out the Disney Dollars we used, we think they’re fab!
  • Decorations: we made Disney themed paperchains, and Mickey confetti using a Mickey cookie cutter. We also printed photos of key landmarks and signs. Finally, we treated ourselves to some tinsel curtains for the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!
  • Food: part of what we love about Disney is the food! We based our meals around Gaston’s Tavern, Main Street Bakery and Carey’s Corner. We found cinnamon buns in Tesco, baked Disney goodies using recipes from here, and made hot dogs and french fries for tea.
  • Rides: we made a ride car using a cardboard box and wrapping paper roll tied together. We then streamed virtual rides moving the box to create the effect of movement. Check out the links we used below!
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique: we used Disney costumes that the kids already had for their ‘makeovers’. Our son didn’t want to be a Prince that day, but hey we’ll live with that! We also used a wand and glitter.
  • Parade: we streamed the Festival of Fantasy Parade using the links below.
  • Fireworks: Disney recently streamed a virtual viewing of Happily Ever After. We also bought glow-stick Mickey (Rabbit?!) Ears and microwave popcorn as treats.
  • Emporium: we made an Emporium using Disney Sticker books, story books and mini figures. We then gave our children ‘Disney Dollars’ to spend to buy a souvenir.

It’s fair to say that we put a lot of effort into our Homemade Disney day. But it didn’t cost the earth and we had lots of fun. Is now the time to create your own?


Disney Dollars

Virtual Viewings and Rides

Happily Ever After

Festival of Fantasy Parade

Seven Dwarfs Minetrain

Peter Pan’s Flight

Splash Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain

It’s a Small World

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