How To Grow A Mickey: Activity

April 6, 2020

This ‘Grow A Mickey’ activity is inspired by the How To Grow A Rainbow activity that we’ve seen trending on Instagram. See below for further details about the posts that encouraged us to adapt this into How to Grow a Mickey!

How to Grow A Mickey

This activity is super easy! You only need kitchen roll, felt tip pens, scissors and a small bowl or container. Initially, our children were a little disappointed. It transpired that they were expecting to magically growing an actual Mickey Mouse. Following the ensuing chat in which we explained that the real Mickey would unfortunately not be visiting, I set about cutting Mickey heads from the kitchen roll.

Our kitchen roll had circular patterns on it, which made creating a Mickey shape very simple. Once I’d cut these out, we used the pens to colour the ‘face’ area, leaving the top of the head and ears uncoloured.

Once we’d completed our colouring, we took a small bowl and filled it with water. We then held our Mickey faces by the ears and dipped the chin area into the water. Our children watched in amazement as Mickey ‘grew’ and his ears gradually changed colour!

The Science Bit

This activity was a great little Disney science experiment! It introduces capillary action in a simple way that our pre-school age children really enjoyed. Because the colours visibly seep into Mickey’s ears, it enabled them to understand that the water was travelling upward and defying gravity. Pretty impressive!

We’d recommend checking out a few Instagram accounts for more details of this activity. Firstly, @mrsbpristem, where this idea originated. Emma’s post contains a detailed explanation of the science behind this experiment, which we found really useful. We also love posts on this topic by @confessionsofamunchkinmaker and @particleparenting. Their rainbows are beautiful!

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