Finding lost magic with one little clip

Finding lost magic with the help of a little sparkle

July 26, 2020

Finding lost magic is difficult, not least because we often don’t realise it’s missing in the first place.

Last weekend I had a revelation! And it all began with a little clip by Chasing Childhood. A clip that was designed and handmade with care, and which features perfect details including tiny hidden Mickeys.

I put the clip in, and I felt…happy. The colour and the sparkles and jewels made me happy. And I watched as my two young children craned their necks to try and catch a glimpse of this new special thing. They oohed and ahhed over it and my son requested I buy him one as an ornament because his hair is too short but it’s SO pretty.

The things that make me happy

And I began to wonder at what point I stopped buying things like this, that make me happy, in exchange for things that perhaps don’t. Moreover, I began to wonder why.

Then it struck me, that lockdown has freed me a little bit. Because I’m back in my own bubble again. I’m free of social pressures. I’m less worried about what people think. After all, the only people i’m seeing are the ones utterly stuck with me and who love me no matter what.

So I whipped out my Cakeworthy Cinderella dress, and wore that too. And it felt marvellous! I felt happy, and all because of a little clip.

So, it transpires that finding lost magic can occur in the most unexpected ways. I hope you can find any that you’ve misplaced. After all, the things that make you different are the things that make you you.

If you’re looking for to add a little sparkle to your wardrobe then I’d highly recommend checking out Karina’s Chasing Childhood! She makes the most beautiful headbands, clips and ears. They are stunning!

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